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We are so happy to have you explore our website and to have the opportunity to share our perspective with you.

With Awakening Human Awareness, it is our intention to offer diverse and varied pathways which will offer forums, avenues and 'ways' for you to step further inward to expand and find balance and as a result, true peace.

There is no one way to establish balance and harmony in living a life. in truth, if it be stated that there are 6.5 billion human beings upon our planet then it can also be stated that there are 6.5 billion paths and 'ways' to achieve peace and nirvana as well.

The key is this: all ways and paths lead to the same Space. And this Space knows no separation. It exemplifies our Unity and Oneness to the Whole. It demonstrates in every moment that all things are connected.

     Dare 2 Dream the New Dream

What we offer through AHA  is a variety of tools and ancient teachings which will facilitate opportunities to establish and maintain balance and integrity of health and wellness within every aspect of our multi- dimensional being. In this offering our desire is for you to experience an AHA Moment. An Awakening of Awareness that will assist you in living a more conscious, high vibrational life! Allowing you to gracefully experience your personal transformation.

Are you willing to release your resistance.

We would like to invite you to explore and discover some of the ancient teachings, tools for expanding conscious awareness and ways for you to have a direct experince with your divine essence.

We are  all  standing on a threshold and we all have a choice to either embrace our true authentic self or remain trapped within our limiting beliefs.....what will be your choice?

We would like to offer you a safe harbor in which to explore your divine essense......a sanctuary offering peace, serenity and loving support as you discover your spiritual path and purpose.

Please enjoy your visit....

With Love and Light
Lynn Walker
founder of  "Awakening Human Awareness"


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