Simple Gifts to Self

Learning 2 Love Ourselves

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

Gift #1

Loving-kindness Meditation 

A 2,500 year old spiritual practice

Become comfortable in your chair or cushion, sitting with a relaxed but straight, posture, with your shoulders relaxed. (Pause)… 

Allow your hands to rest comfortably in your lap. Gently close your eyes… (Pause)… 

Settling into awareness of the body…and the breath. 

Feeling into your body right now…noticing what’s here. 

Open to whatever is to be experienced in the body in this moment 

In this practice, we’ll be cultivating loving kindness. We all have within us, this natural capacity for lovingkindness. Or…friendship that is unconditional and open…gentle…supportive. 

Lovingkindness is a natural opening of a compassionate heart…to ourselves and to others. It’s a wish that everyone be happy. 

We begin with developing lovingkindness toward ourselves…allowing our hearts to open with tenderness,

Begin with 5 deep slow breaths through the nose to the count of 5…hold for the count of 3 and then release slowly through the mouth to the count of 10.

Connecting to the breath…noticing the wave-like movements of the belly… 

Now direct the Loving-Kindness Meditation to yourself

May I be filled with loving-kindness 

May I be well 

May I be peaceful and at ease 

May I be happy

May I love myself

I deserve to love myself and be happy

Now direct it towards those you love 

May you be filled with loving-kindness 

May you be well 

May you be peaceful and at ease 

May you be happy 

May you love yourself

Take 3 deep breaths and then...

reflect on your life and all the goodness allow it to fill you up, experiencing joy & compassion for all of life.

Gift #2

How Do We Create?

We create with utilizing our thoughts, which give us direction, so intention for your day is very important. Second being able to create or bring up a feeling of good will, happiness, aliveness within self...really feel the feeling. Ok once you have that feeling within every cell of your being....Turn your focused attention to your solar plexus and notice the sensation.... this is the emotion, remember emotion is energy in motion, it drives through the body and the intention and gives it substance.  We are designed to be able to create our hearts desire, unfortunately we often feel less then and give in to the negative shatter from out old beliefs and patterns that do not serve us. You and you alone have full control over your thoughts and emotions. The experiences we have are just experiences and we learn and grow from all of them. Some one may say something that is heartful but that feeling is just giving you some data and you get to choose how you want to experiences it.

It is all about the choice point, so you ask self am I coming from love or fear.

Audio 40hz to enhanse vagal tone

please use headsets when listening this is a 40 hz gamma brainwave to enhanse vagal tone.

15 min connecting daily meditation

Enjoy this 15 min meditation to connect with self before you start your day.